Monday, January 30, 2012

Love, Actually . . .

I showed you the card from Jeanette Lynton's blog that inspired my new addiction . . .well, I've had to make a few more cards since then.

First, it was a card for a donation to the Make a Wish Foundation in the name of a local young boy who lost his battle with brain cancer just before christmas.  His relaspe was fast (just 12 days after completing front line therapy) and agressive.  The Make a Wish Foundation jumped through hoops to make an early Christmas possible for this young guy, as it was clear he wouldn't make it to his initial wish request, or Christmas.  This brave young boy had two final requests: a puppy for his big brother, so he wouldn't be too lonely and for his friends and family to raise funds in his name to grant another childs wish. 
The Make a Wish Foundation is very near and dear to my heart, my own 12 y/o son is a Cancer survivor and recieved a Wish in 2008.  So we are happy to be able to donate.  This childs favorite colour was red, and the Make a Wish logo is a blue shooting star, so I came up with this card:

But I guess that wasn't enough . . . so today my most recent order arrived and I like to give my customers something small as a thank you.  So I made them each a Valentine's card, I write my message on a Post-it note so that they can re-use the card for a loved one.  This was super quick and easy, thanks to the AP cricut:

Oh, what will I come up with next . . . . hope there's a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow addiction!

Thanks for looking!