Friday, December 14, 2012

Chalk it up!

I have been dying to try CTMH's new Chalkboard sheets ($4.95 ea) and Chalk Markers ($2.95 ea).  So I ordered them . . . and then did a little research on Chalkboard Art and Subway Art .

I saw this:
At  "Growing Up Gardner" by Amanda Gardner and immediately thought of a good friend.  So . . .I decided to make my own.

But I was scared, I didnt want to freehand it, didn't want to waste a sheet of Chalkboard paper.  The maker is not erasable!

So, I took a deep breath and did this:

I printed the whole saying out as a word document - selecting different fonts.

I laid this over the the Chalkboard sheet and used the embossing stylus to trace (firmly) over all the words.

You can faintly see the lines, just enough to cover up and trace with the Chalk marker.  I added the star and Manger freehand.

I am tempted to add more, but don't want to spoilt it.

I plan to attach this to a black 12x12 canvas I have and then it's a perfect gift for a loved friend for under $10!

Its my first try with the Chalkboard products.  but it was fun and I have ideas on what to do with the extra (back up) sheet I bought!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Remember me?

So I guess we can all agree that not only am I a terrible writer . . .but I'm horribly inconsistant with this whole "Blog" thing.  Please do not take this as a reflection of my passion for scrapbooking and Cardmaking and all.  In fact it's the complete opposite:  I am SO busy just creating that I forget to get out my camera, take a few pics along the way and share. 

My apologies!

Anyway . . I have been really busy with my crafting and I have a bunch of pictures to share now . . I figured I better take pics of my cards before I send them out!

Without Further ado here is what I came up with using the Close to My Heart Pear & Partridge Paper Pack:

This Card is made on our 6x6 Kraft card & envelope set.  I used all the papers is P&P to create the pattern "quilt" and then used the Cricut AP to cut the leaves and red Glitter Gliz gel for the berries.  The stamp is from the Octovber Stamp of the month.  I glued down the flap on the inside to create a picture or gift card pocket and decorated it too:
I got the idea for this off Split Coast Stampers by a "Cindy E".

This card uses a background stamp on the star and more glitter gel.  Fairly simple card, and I wish the word stamping stood out more on the green background texture.

These two cards are exactly the same . . .just different background paper.  I used the Cricut Artiste to cut the ornament, and the spritz spray pens with water and pearl paint to spray the back piece.  More of the Glitter Gel here too . . I love that stuff!

This design is taken right from our new make it from the heart card and layout Idea book volume 1.

This card is also from "Make it From the Heart".  I love how a simple design can be slightly modified to get a totally different look.  And I like the subtle colouring really shows off the Cranberry.

Another 6x6 Kraft card base- Almost entirely Cricut AP - super simple and I wanted to use that "Zip strip" from the top of this pattern paper. 

I got this idea from Pinterest . . but didn't "pin" it and cant find who to give credit to.  Sorry . . not my idea, and mine didnt turn out as nice as the original.  Oh well.  I was going for bouncing ornaments here . . .

This is one of our 3.5x8" card and envelope bases.  I covered the flap with the image stamped on the stacking cricut shapes.  Simple and perfect for those occasional cash or cheque Holiday gifts!

I love these cards:  Desser sand card base and I used the red velvet rub-ons.  So Sad these arn't available any more.  hope CTMH finds a new supplier!  The October Stamp of the Month and the rub-ons made for some super fun cards.

My final Christmas Card only has a hint of Pear & Partridge . . .okay, I admit . . .was getting a little tired of red and green.  Plus, I have a snowflake addiction.  So I took White Daisy card stock and sprayed with water, pearl paint and crystal blue re-inker, once it dried, I used a variety of snowflake stamps and radom stamped first and second generation all over.  the effect is snowflakes that look near and far away.  I wanted to look out the "window" into a snow storm.  Now, I was at a crop and didn't have any of my other cardstock with me (besides P &P colours). . so I bought some from Sandra @ Making Memories (she has a portable store and attends many local Crops).  So the base is grey and the window frame is Navy . . .Would be equal to Slate and Outdoor Denim I think.

So My next Project was to complete one of our new Advent Calendars . . .I didn't use the kit ('cause I'm terrible at following someone else's plan) I just used CTMH cardstock and pattern paper and the base box.  I used our Kraft Paper for all the 2.5" squares because I thought it was a little sturdier for little kids to play with. 

I think I might try to sell this one though . . since I made two lovely advent calendars last year and don't really need another . . .

My Final addiction . . and I'm still on it as you will see from the last photo, the Modge Podge is still drying:

I am LOVING Subway Art.  So, I made some for the kids playroom:

And there were a few learning curves on this . . like I used a tape runner to create the pages and stick to the canvas and then only modgepodged on top . . . so there are wrinkles.  But I've come to terms with it.  Mostly I'm happy with this, except that the dark blue words don't stand out very well.  (Admission: this is a contraband Cricut cartidge - with CTMH's two cricut cartridges and 1400 images we have no cars :(.

Then, yesterday while out for lunch with friends I saw this sign at a store called "the Posh Shop".  they wanted $36.99 for it.  I got all the supplies for $4.48 . . .  and I love it.  Think I'll be making a few for friends gifts this year too!

Oh, I almost forgot:  this is the layout I did with my Hostess Club last week:

Again, using the Cricut Artise, and you can't really tell from the terrible picture (Please Santa bring me a new digital SLR) but we second generation stamped the entire background with the Universal Borders stamp to create a nice background and used the Keepsake Alphabet to stamp "dear Santa".  I love that stamp set!

So, the above, along with the 6 family and close friend birthday's in November (Our baby turned 4!!) and few other events and projects . . . I have not been slacking.  Just haven't been taking the time to keep this blog up to date. 

Still LOVING Close to My Heart and anxiously awaiting the new Idea Book in the New Year!

I have another project or two in the works so I promise (sort of) to get these posted before Chrsitmas!!!

Thanks for reading!! And Happy creating!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Little Bit COUNTRY

Those of you who know me know that I. am. not. a. COUNTRY. girl.  But some of you who know me very well know that just once a year, secretly, I AM!

So when I first saw the new Dakota Paper pack, I dismissed it as not for me.  And what do I do when I have that thought?  I buy the paper pack and it usually becomes one of my favorites.  At first it was just the super cute Denim Pocket Stamp "Rugged Dude" shown here:

I thought this was really cute and not JUST country . . .so I ordered it.  Even though I didn't use it in this layout - It did start me down this road!

And then a cabin friend (who knows me very well) sent me pictures of my youngest little guy dressed up for Western Weekend at the cabin.  And realized that Dakota really would be the perfect paper pack to scrapbook these pictures.  But there it is in colour, if you look really closely, out of focus - me, in pig tails, denim shirt and all.  A Country Girl! Watching my gorgeous little guy and his friends dance to great Music of the "Hong Kong Cow Boy".  This guy is amazing, for country music.

So I came up with this layout for my September Hostess Club this week.  I hope the ladies will forgive me this little slip into the world of boots, horses, denim and hay.

The layout is from CTMH's newwest pattern book "Make it from your Heart", pattern #9.

Anyway, I bought the Workshop on the go, because I love the stamp set that comes exclusively with the WOG you can see all the Stamped images are from that.  Or check out the latest CTMH idea book to view.

Finally I took black cardstock, misted it with a combination of chocolate ink and pearl paint to give it a glittery almost hammered metal look.  I glued the letters to the coordinating CTMH chipboard letters and distressed the edges with our files . . .looks a beat up and Country to me.  Now I've just gotta finish the other facing page for my own scrapbook with the remaining evidence, err pictures.

Hope Hostess Club enjoys it as much as I did creating it . . .now back to my regularly scheduled, non-Country programming!


Friday, September 7, 2012

Yup, it's been a while . . . a long while.  With 14 and 12 year old boys in the house computer time is getting more and more limited.  If I can't do it on my ipad or iphone it doesn't seem to get done.

But now . . gloriously, all three kids are in school!! So I can finally post.

And this isnt terribly exciting . . I'm actually just trying to Post to my CTMH Bulletin Board, but can't post a pic unless it has a URL and to have a URL it seems I need to save the pic somewhere on the WWW.  OH my, it's all above my head some most days.

Anyway this is the latest project I've been working on:  Scratch and Win tickets for the upcoming BC Crop for Kids:

I saw this idea on Pinterest and immediately saw marketing opportunities for CTMH.

I used the CTMH gathering invitation postcards, and then pritned our info on one side of the back.

I then used staples 2"x4" labels to create individual discount / prize tags:

I then used packing tape to cover the "scratch off" part of the tag.

Then you use a combination of Silver paint and dish soap (4:1) to paint over the taped area:

(Please excuse my messy work area, should have edited that pic before I saved it!)

Finally I leet dry for about an hour and then trimmed to size (2x4) and then peeled and stuck to the left side of the post card.
Individual CTMH scratch and Win tickets!
My kids love them so much I am thinking of doing this for household chores too!!
You can use this technique on any paper surface, so you could print, stamp, draw etc your own ticket and then use the tape / paint trick to create your hidden scratch off area.
A fun, easy and super cheap trick - I had everything at home in my stash of crafty stuff! but you could pick supplies up at the dollar store.
Lots of possibilities, try a few and let me know how it works out!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dear Jeanette, Thank You!

I know it has been quite a while since I posted . . . and I've been doing some scrapbooking, a little card making.  Lots of planning for October 2012's Crop for Kids Class and our Satellite CFK event in May 2012 . . .but I just haven't been taking pictures and blogging it.

Sorry.  I'm sure you'll forgive me.

I've also been a bit of a garden FREAK . . . over the last six weeks I have built and filled with dirt 9 raised cedar garden beds, a green house, and an indoor seedling grow area.  With the help of these handy florescent lights I've got happy little seedlings of pumpkins, squash, zucchini, tomatos, onions, and various herbs.  Now if warmer weather ever arrives outside I'll be able to get the rest going and hope to have a pretty decent veggie & fruit crop this year.  I could blog about my garden on this blog . . . and I might.  I might also blog about my recent 30+ freezer meals in a day cook-off . . . but for now, lets focus on Scrapbooking!

Tomorrow night (. . . hmm what time is it? Maybe it's TONIGHT!) is Hostess Club.  We haven't met since the end of January.  while I've know for a while that I'd be using the "Stella" paper pack, I hadn't finalized a layout yet.  I've recently been scanning Pinterest (my other latest time waster) and found a great little layout that had hexagons (oh how that "Wicked" stamp of the Month from Fall 2011 has me in love with hexagons still).  I hope I am crediting right . .because Pinterest can be a little iffy on getting the original source . . .But from the Studio Calico Website, they highlighted work by their member "Mandie Pierce" (who has her own blog "like a lemon to a lime and a lime to a lemon".  Anyway, that Layout inspired this one using Stella:

The technique I'm teaching is dying the seam binding tape (and thanks for all the suggestions found on the CTMH BB!).  Here is a close-up:

And why am I thanking Jeanette? Because of her great blog . . .again!  This week she gave a great idea for Journaling: writing a letter to the subject of the Photo.  This was all the inspiration I needed.  I had a few pictures of my Parents adorable, somewhat evil, puppy and wanted to do something with them.  This seemed perfect. 

I hope my Hostess Club likes it.  Oh, and when dying the seam binding, however you do it, wear gloves!

Signing off with my still "sunset" hands,


I'll try not to be such a stranger.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Love, Actually . . .

I showed you the card from Jeanette Lynton's blog that inspired my new addiction . . .well, I've had to make a few more cards since then.

First, it was a card for a donation to the Make a Wish Foundation in the name of a local young boy who lost his battle with brain cancer just before christmas.  His relaspe was fast (just 12 days after completing front line therapy) and agressive.  The Make a Wish Foundation jumped through hoops to make an early Christmas possible for this young guy, as it was clear he wouldn't make it to his initial wish request, or Christmas.  This brave young boy had two final requests: a puppy for his big brother, so he wouldn't be too lonely and for his friends and family to raise funds in his name to grant another childs wish. 
The Make a Wish Foundation is very near and dear to my heart, my own 12 y/o son is a Cancer survivor and recieved a Wish in 2008.  So we are happy to be able to donate.  This childs favorite colour was red, and the Make a Wish logo is a blue shooting star, so I came up with this card:

But I guess that wasn't enough . . . so today my most recent order arrived and I like to give my customers something small as a thank you.  So I made them each a Valentine's card, I write my message on a Post-it note so that they can re-use the card for a loved one.  This was super quick and easy, thanks to the AP cricut:

Oh, what will I come up with next . . . . hope there's a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow addiction!

Thanks for looking!

Friday, January 27, 2012

It must be Love

Did any of you read Jeanette's blog this week?  The clean and simple rainbow cards blew me away.  I love that simplicity.  I love the crisp and clean lines. 

I've been busy working on ideas for the 2012 BC Crop for Kids class I'll be doing next fall all week, none of it can encorporate these ideas (I tried - my partner in crime and upline Nadene Jung axed it).   I may share my ideas later if BCCFK agrees . . . they kinda like to keep their classes a secret right up until registration time and that does make it so much fun!    Anyway . . . I couldn't get the rainbow cards out of my mind and was thrilled when my Husband asked me if I'd make a card for the wedding gift for one of his employees getting married tomorrow.

My Reply?

Oh Even Yesser! (phrase stollen from the Mommy's over at Rants from Mommyland)

So this is the card that our creative Close to My Heart designers came up with:

And this is the version I came up with for the wedding gift:

You might notice that I'm still on a bit of a glitter kick . . . sorry.  The inside has the heart cut-out with the Bride and Grooms initials stamped on it and our personal sentiment.

Thanks for looking and please share how Jeanette's blog has inspired you!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I still Believe . . .

Tomorrow night is Hostess Club!  Yay, it feels like forever since my ladies came over for an evening of creating.  Tomorrow I hope not to dissapoint as this months layout will leave a sparkling impression!

It was very hard to NOT use paper from the new idea book for tomorrow's hostess Club.  however, new Idea Book doesn't go live until Feb 1 . . . so I sucked it up ("put on my big girl panties" as I heard at a crop last weekend) and we are doing a Christmas layout.  Lord may I not be the only person who hasn't even started scrapping Christmas . . . 2010 . . . yet.

My first point of inspiration, as often, was the CTMH bulletin board for consultants to share their artwork, idea and thoughts.  I found two layouts I loved: one by Twyla Norris worked well within the parametres that I wanted (single page, santa photo 5x7).  But then I searched a little more and found a layout by Brenda Rose that had a technique I have never done  - mixing embossing powder with glitter and then heat embossing. 

Well combine the genius of Twyla and Brenda (seriously these are two talented ladies, google them!) and I got this:

I love how crisp the white & prisma glitter embossing turned out right on the red.  Then I used the AP Cricut to cut out snowflakes in white and sky blue.  I covered in bonding memories glue and dipped them in prisma glitter.  You probably can't tell from the photo but I also glued glitter to the brads using liquid glass. 

Finally . . because I just couldn't help myself . . I did use one new item from the new idea book.  I used the adhesive springs!  The large snowflake is attached with an adhesive spring so it bounces and sproings about in a glittery way.

Hope my ladies enjoy it, I have so much fun creating for them!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year - Newsletter

It's Here, it's here . . HOORAY!!!

I know I say this EVERY time . . . But I love this new idea book.  Really, it’s got something for everyone, boys, girls, cards, scrapbooks, vacations, birthdays, etc. etc.  But did I mention the prices?  CTMH is finally matching the U.S. and Canadian prices!  So everything has gone down in price!  While the new Idea Book doesn’t go live until Feb. 1, the reduced prices went live Jan 1, 2012.  so anything you want this month (and there is a great Campaign for January) you’ll get at the new, lower prices.
So, if you want your copy of the newest Idea book they are just $5, or free with a $25 order.  E-mail me your Idea Book request and I’ll drop it off or pop it in the mail.

Upcoming Events:
Jan 13/14: Crop at Shepherd of the Valley Church Langley
           $25/per person Friday 5pm-11pm, Sat 9am-10pm,
            Or $5 for Friday only , $20 for Saturday only
Jan 20: Hostess Club - 7pm—my house 12x12 Layout
           Drop-ins welcome, please give me 48 hrs notice to prep your kit.  $5 drop – in fee, or free with order over $25

Interested in joining a Hostess Club or Starting your own?  It’s lots of fun, we keep your $ commitment as low as possible, by meeting every second month.  Plus you get to earn the free Product when it’s your month to be Hostess.  We can do Cards, Page layouts, custom paper crafting or a variety—you set up a group of 6-8 people and I’ll customize the Club to fit your wishes.  Meetings can be held at my home or yours.   Email or call me for more information.

I know I haven't posted much since Christmas . . . we had a very relaxed, low key Christmas.  For the first time - ever - Our Master Bedroom did not become the Christmas gift hiding & wrapping centre.  My Scrapbooking room did!  I had to close up my Scrapping Shop around mid-december and start wrapping like a mad woman.  We actually had wrapped gifts under the tree BEFORE midnight Christmas Eve.
I just placed an order for lots of goodies from the new CTMH Spring Idea Book.  (Okay LOTS! $326!!!! - I used up a bunch of Product Credits I've earned as a Consultant so I'll get it all for free!!! Seriously, being a Consultant has it's perks!).  So, once all those goodies arrive, you can bet I'll be busy with some new artwork.  in the meantime I have a few pictures left to post from

Christmas and my Hostess Club in a few weeks using paper from the Fall Idea Book . . . so I'll be around.

Looking forward to what 2012 has to bring us, 2011 was a great CTMH year!