Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Little Bit COUNTRY

Those of you who know me know that I. am. not. a. COUNTRY. girl.  But some of you who know me very well know that just once a year, secretly, I AM!

So when I first saw the new Dakota Paper pack, I dismissed it as not for me.  And what do I do when I have that thought?  I buy the paper pack and it usually becomes one of my favorites.  At first it was just the super cute Denim Pocket Stamp "Rugged Dude" shown here:

I thought this was really cute and not JUST country . . .so I ordered it.  Even though I didn't use it in this layout - It did start me down this road!

And then a cabin friend (who knows me very well) sent me pictures of my youngest little guy dressed up for Western Weekend at the cabin.  And realized that Dakota really would be the perfect paper pack to scrapbook these pictures.  But there it is in colour, if you look really closely, out of focus - me, in pig tails, denim shirt and all.  A Country Girl! Watching my gorgeous little guy and his friends dance to great Music of the "Hong Kong Cow Boy".  This guy is amazing, for country music.

So I came up with this layout for my September Hostess Club this week.  I hope the ladies will forgive me this little slip into the world of boots, horses, denim and hay.

The layout is from CTMH's newwest pattern book "Make it from your Heart", pattern #9.

Anyway, I bought the Workshop on the go, because I love the stamp set that comes exclusively with the WOG you can see all the Stamped images are from that.  Or check out the latest CTMH idea book to view.

Finally I took black cardstock, misted it with a combination of chocolate ink and pearl paint to give it a glittery almost hammered metal look.  I glued the letters to the coordinating CTMH chipboard letters and distressed the edges with our files . . .looks a beat up and Country to me.  Now I've just gotta finish the other facing page for my own scrapbook with the remaining evidence, err pictures.

Hope Hostess Club enjoys it as much as I did creating it . . .now back to my regularly scheduled, non-Country programming!


Friday, September 7, 2012

Yup, it's been a while . . . a long while.  With 14 and 12 year old boys in the house computer time is getting more and more limited.  If I can't do it on my ipad or iphone it doesn't seem to get done.

But now . . gloriously, all three kids are in school!! So I can finally post.

And this isnt terribly exciting . . I'm actually just trying to Post to my CTMH Bulletin Board, but can't post a pic unless it has a URL and to have a URL it seems I need to save the pic somewhere on the WWW.  OH my, it's all above my head some most days.

Anyway this is the latest project I've been working on:  Scratch and Win tickets for the upcoming BC Crop for Kids:

I saw this idea on Pinterest and immediately saw marketing opportunities for CTMH.

I used the CTMH gathering invitation postcards, and then pritned our info on one side of the back.

I then used staples 2"x4" labels to create individual discount / prize tags:

I then used packing tape to cover the "scratch off" part of the tag.

Then you use a combination of Silver paint and dish soap (4:1) to paint over the taped area:

(Please excuse my messy work area, should have edited that pic before I saved it!)

Finally I leet dry for about an hour and then trimmed to size (2x4) and then peeled and stuck to the left side of the post card.
Individual CTMH scratch and Win tickets!
My kids love them so much I am thinking of doing this for household chores too!!
You can use this technique on any paper surface, so you could print, stamp, draw etc your own ticket and then use the tape / paint trick to create your hidden scratch off area.
A fun, easy and super cheap trick - I had everything at home in my stash of crafty stuff! but you could pick supplies up at the dollar store.
Lots of possibilities, try a few and let me know how it works out!