Friday, October 14, 2011

Thanks Roxie & CTMH!

So, every time a new CTMH Idea Book comes out, I like to challenge myself.  I pick one of the new paper pack designs that my initial impression is "That's Not for me".  As the mother of THREE BOYS, this is usually one of the more flowery and pink packs that I just can't envision using.  Anyway, I buy that pattern first!  Then I design something - often my Hostess Club project -  around it, making sure I can make it work for my family.
This is how I ensure that I end up genuinely loving and using every pattern.
For the Autumn/Winter 2011 Idea book the pattern was Roxie.
I have to be honest . . . it's mid October and I've been looking at the Roxie paper pack I bought since early August.  then I won another one at the recent CTMH regional convention.  No more excuses . . . so, feeling a little un-inspired I went to the CTMH consultant online Bulletin board to see what others were doing with this paper pack.  Lots of great layouts . . . but I had cards stuck on my mind.
Truth be told, I need several "thank you" cards to tuck in the orders I received at the recent Crop for Kids event. 
So, I came up with this little card:

I used the Roxie paper pack, with Smoothie card stock.  I made sure to incorporate the "Zip Strip" found at the top of all our new heavier weight pattern papers, I used the new foundry clips, I used Waxy Flax and used the Art Philosphy Cricut Cartridge to cut the Butterfly. 

Yeah, Yeah. . . I still have to make a page layout with the paper pack, but I'm loving the  cards and I'm feeling inspired.

Now off to prep for tonights Hostess Club!!

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  1. Sorry it took me so long to get here, but now that I am here, I can say, great job! And this card is super cute! I feel the same way about Roxie and also need to get busy with it, even for my boys! This is a great card though, I really like it.