Sunday, October 16, 2011

Now I'm dreaming . . .

On Friday night after Hostess Club, my Upline (who I invited as a guest) and I stayed up late to work on some Christmas Card ideas for upcoming Gatherings and Classes etc.  We focussed on working with the "Wonderland" paper pack.

For whatever reason neither of us felt like our ideas were coming together the way we wanted.  It's not easy to design a smaller item like a card that uses a combination of accessories, new techniques, new products, new paper etc.  Anyway, after two hours we each had only one "not perfect" sample.  We had plans to perfect them, but were bagged, so we packed up.

That night I dreamed about a card design.  I guess I was overthinking the using new products thing.  Here's a pic of the card I dreamed about . . . maybe it should have stayed in my dreams, because it's far from perfect.

Anyway, this prooves that sometimes you can have too much of a good thing (even though it looks a little blah to me), I was trying to encorporate the Art Philosophy cricut, the new ruler (used to pierce perfect holes for threading), Stamp of the Month, new paper pack and the Foundry pin clips I love so much.  back to the drawing board . . . And maybe I'll lay off the evening caffiene for a while too!

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