Friday, December 2, 2011

Oh Starry Night!

It's done!  My starry creation is finished, Now I just need to add some fresh greens and ribbon and this mantle creation is done.

Still shot pics don't do it justice . . 300 sparkling mini rice lights.  the whole thing is 56" long, with 3 12" stars and 2 8" stars.

I am no electrician, so hopefully low lights and greenery will hide the imperfections . . but it's pretty close to what I've been imagining the last two weeks as I've slowly worked away at it.

Sorry, with the exception of some liquid glass used as super glue, ther is no CTMH product on this yet.  I may add to it, but for now I'm just happy it'ts standing and the lights all work . . I'm a little afraid to touch it any more than neccessary!

Can't wait to put this on the Mantle tomorrow, as sit with a glass of wine and enjoy . . .

1 comment:

  1. Wow this is gorgeous! Will you post a picture of it on your mantle too? I'd love to see it.