Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I always work best with a deadline . . .

My Kids help me out . . .like this morning they reminded me that they didn't "see" their Advent Calendars on the Shelf and they thought I should get them out and that I'd better go get Candy to fill it because "Tomorrow. Is. December. First!"  They say this matter of factly and kindly, like "mom, don't forget I have a playdate after school" sort of way.  In no way are they bossy or rude.  But it is true: My best work is always done with a looming deadline, and usually between the hours of 9pm and 1am.

This morning it was just a friendly reminder.  So, of course they don't know their Advent Calendar is changing from last year and they also don't know I've already been to Purdy's and bought filller . . .plus a little extra.

And this is what the Kids Advent Calendar looks like:

I used the Believe Paper Pack and so many stamps, embellishments, cricut AP images and ribbons that I can't list it all.  This is the Kaisercraft large drawer unit (each box is roughly a 3" cube).  So I have lots of room to put something for all three kids.  I love that it was big enough to make each cube it's own little story / design and it all co-ordinates.  I used dark brown spray paint to paint the base before I assembled it.  I do still need to find some wide ribbon to wrap the outside with . . . but not today.  Even as is, I think this is a vast improvement on the Starbucks Tree's we've been re-filling for the last four years.

Yes My lovies,  I know; Tomorrow. Is. December. First . . . and I am ready!  Let's do this Christmas thing.

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