Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Remember me?

So I guess we can all agree that not only am I a terrible writer . . .but I'm horribly inconsistant with this whole "Blog" thing.  Please do not take this as a reflection of my passion for scrapbooking and Cardmaking and all.  In fact it's the complete opposite:  I am SO busy just creating that I forget to get out my camera, take a few pics along the way and share. 

My apologies!

Anyway . . I have been really busy with my crafting and I have a bunch of pictures to share now . . I figured I better take pics of my cards before I send them out!

Without Further ado here is what I came up with using the Close to My Heart Pear & Partridge Paper Pack:

This Card is made on our 6x6 Kraft card & envelope set.  I used all the papers is P&P to create the pattern "quilt" and then used the Cricut AP to cut the leaves and red Glitter Gliz gel for the berries.  The stamp is from the Octovber Stamp of the month.  I glued down the flap on the inside to create a picture or gift card pocket and decorated it too:
I got the idea for this off Split Coast Stampers by a "Cindy E".

This card uses a background stamp on the star and more glitter gel.  Fairly simple card, and I wish the word stamping stood out more on the green background texture.

These two cards are exactly the same . . .just different background paper.  I used the Cricut Artiste to cut the ornament, and the spritz spray pens with water and pearl paint to spray the back piece.  More of the Glitter Gel here too . . I love that stuff!

This design is taken right from our new make it from the heart card and layout Idea book volume 1.

This card is also from "Make it From the Heart".  I love how a simple design can be slightly modified to get a totally different look.  And I like the subtle colouring really shows off the Cranberry.

Another 6x6 Kraft card base- Almost entirely Cricut AP - super simple and I wanted to use that "Zip strip" from the top of this pattern paper. 

I got this idea from Pinterest . . but didn't "pin" it and cant find who to give credit to.  Sorry . . not my idea, and mine didnt turn out as nice as the original.  Oh well.  I was going for bouncing ornaments here . . .

This is one of our 3.5x8" card and envelope bases.  I covered the flap with the image stamped on the stacking cricut shapes.  Simple and perfect for those occasional cash or cheque Holiday gifts!

I love these cards:  Desser sand card base and I used the red velvet rub-ons.  So Sad these arn't available any more.  hope CTMH finds a new supplier!  The October Stamp of the Month and the rub-ons made for some super fun cards.

My final Christmas Card only has a hint of Pear & Partridge . . .okay, I admit . . .was getting a little tired of red and green.  Plus, I have a snowflake addiction.  So I took White Daisy card stock and sprayed with water, pearl paint and crystal blue re-inker, once it dried, I used a variety of snowflake stamps and radom stamped first and second generation all over.  the effect is snowflakes that look near and far away.  I wanted to look out the "window" into a snow storm.  Now, I was at a crop and didn't have any of my other cardstock with me (besides P &P colours). . so I bought some from Sandra @ Making Memories (she has a portable store and attends many local Crops).  So the base is grey and the window frame is Navy . . .Would be equal to Slate and Outdoor Denim I think.

So My next Project was to complete one of our new Advent Calendars . . .I didn't use the kit ('cause I'm terrible at following someone else's plan) I just used CTMH cardstock and pattern paper and the base box.  I used our Kraft Paper for all the 2.5" squares because I thought it was a little sturdier for little kids to play with. 

I think I might try to sell this one though . . since I made two lovely advent calendars last year and don't really need another . . .

My Final addiction . . and I'm still on it as you will see from the last photo, the Modge Podge is still drying:

I am LOVING Subway Art.  So, I made some for the kids playroom:

And there were a few learning curves on this . . like I used a tape runner to create the pages and stick to the canvas and then only modgepodged on top . . . so there are wrinkles.  But I've come to terms with it.  Mostly I'm happy with this, except that the dark blue words don't stand out very well.  (Admission: this is a contraband Cricut cartidge - with CTMH's two cricut cartridges and 1400 images we have no cars :(.

Then, yesterday while out for lunch with friends I saw this sign at a store called "the Posh Shop".  they wanted $36.99 for it.  I got all the supplies for $4.48 . . .  and I love it.  Think I'll be making a few for friends gifts this year too!

Oh, I almost forgot:  this is the layout I did with my Hostess Club last week:

Again, using the Cricut Artise, and you can't really tell from the terrible picture (Please Santa bring me a new digital SLR) but we second generation stamped the entire background with the Universal Borders stamp to create a nice background and used the Keepsake Alphabet to stamp "dear Santa".  I love that stamp set!

So, the above, along with the 6 family and close friend birthday's in November (Our baby turned 4!!) and few other events and projects . . . I have not been slacking.  Just haven't been taking the time to keep this blog up to date. 

Still LOVING Close to My Heart and anxiously awaiting the new Idea Book in the New Year!

I have another project or two in the works so I promise (sort of) to get these posted before Chrsitmas!!!

Thanks for reading!! And Happy creating!

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