Friday, December 14, 2012

Chalk it up!

I have been dying to try CTMH's new Chalkboard sheets ($4.95 ea) and Chalk Markers ($2.95 ea).  So I ordered them . . . and then did a little research on Chalkboard Art and Subway Art .

I saw this:
At  "Growing Up Gardner" by Amanda Gardner and immediately thought of a good friend.  So . . .I decided to make my own.

But I was scared, I didnt want to freehand it, didn't want to waste a sheet of Chalkboard paper.  The maker is not erasable!

So, I took a deep breath and did this:

I printed the whole saying out as a word document - selecting different fonts.

I laid this over the the Chalkboard sheet and used the embossing stylus to trace (firmly) over all the words.

You can faintly see the lines, just enough to cover up and trace with the Chalk marker.  I added the star and Manger freehand.

I am tempted to add more, but don't want to spoilt it.

I plan to attach this to a black 12x12 canvas I have and then it's a perfect gift for a loved friend for under $10!

Its my first try with the Chalkboard products.  but it was fun and I have ideas on what to do with the extra (back up) sheet I bought!

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