Saturday, November 12, 2011

The First Advent . . .

OOOH, I finally finished a project that I get to keep!

I had been looking for the perfect Advent Calendar to recover.  We had two of the Starbucks trees . . but they were getting a little worn down, and uh, for the last two Christmas's we've had three kids (poor baby didn't know he was getting shorted candy).

So a few weeks ago my good friend, L, brought me this blank, white 8.5" x8.5" drawer unit.  She got herself one too and we got together to decorate them.  I just finished the embellishing this afternoon.

I used the "Believe" paper pack because I wanted it to have a more traditional colour scheme - more in keeping with our existing decor.

Now, I'm calling the first advent because . .. unbeknownst to my dear friend, I had actually already splurged on the big Kaiserkraft drawer unit back in September.  but it's perfect, I'm going to use the big one for treats for each of the kids and then the small one will have note of what Christmas activity we might do that day (bake cookies, get a tree, drive around looking at lights etc).  so I'm thrilled and I think the two sizes will look great on the shelf!

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