Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gotta Love free babysitting . . .

My husband and I consider ourselves really lucky that both of our parents live within a 2 min drive and are happy to offer up free babysitting at any old time. 
However, we have always found a small cost associated with each "free" babysitting event.  And now that we went and had that third child a whole ten years later . . . well they probably feel as much older with this child as my husband and I do.  Please know I love them all, and if they read this blog . . . I am sorry. 

But with child #3 the free babysitting costs are going up.  Sometimes they bring their puppy who pee's all over the carpets, sometimes Mom goes out on the patio for a cigarette and the makeshift ashtray accidentally catches fire nearly setting the whole house aflame, or the time they turned the water on to do some dishes for us, but forgot and went outside and flooded the basement . . . . anyway, always a small cost.

And this is today's cost: 

Remember my first Advent Calendar?  I'll remind you, it used to look like this:

I really liked it.  Anyway. . .  I got home a few minutes ago and this is what it looks like now:

Lets play "spot the difference"  whomever can spot all the repairs I'll need to make gets to come on over and drink a glass of wine with me while I do it . . . byob.   (:

My favorite part is that the Calendar was sitting perfectly on the shelf where I left it.  Likemaybe I wouldn't notice that Ryan was left unattended for, oh, 20 minutes or so of unobstructed destruction.  He is a boy, a 3 year old boy.  Sigh.

All tongue in cheek, hope you see the humour, you can choose to laugh or cry . . .I choose to laugh.  And grumble a little.

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