Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Boy

My Little Man turned three this weekend . . can't even believe it!  really have to stop calling him the baby now . . .

Together we made these cupcakes this morning:

This is a great example of why I love the CTMH Art Philosophy and Cricut Combo . . . We made these little flags in about 3 minutes.  Ryan got to choose the paper, and the colour of his number and then I was able to quickly cut out what I needed without ever changing Cricut cartidges or even the mat (I stuck down half a sheet of each on one mat).  We stuck a toothpick in the middle and taped them down.   I think they really are the icing on the cupcake and he can't wait to head to pre-school and share with his classmates.

Beyond cards and layouts . . . I've used the cricut & Art Philosophy to make signs for school events, garage sales, a spray paint template for my husband's work . . . such a handy tool to have around!

Have a great week!

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